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Who we are
Flashare Oil Investment Limited, company is based in Delaware, the closely watched global integration of energy companies, long-term commitment to oil, refined oil product development, achievements and occupies an important position in the world, FLASHARE, a Will be flashing to share every corner of the name, the company has been accompanied by the development in China, Flashare, the company will also become a synonym for a bright, sincere service to the society.

Xun Petroleum Investment Company of Granville in the world there are four core businesses:
Oil exploration and exploitation;
Petroleum refining, marketing, supply and transportation;
Natural gas gathering, processing and marketing;
Chemicals and plastics production and distribution.

Flashare Oil Investment Limited to have deep-sea exploration and production technologies, reservoir management and development, 3-D seismic technology, high-grade petroleum coke to improve technology, high-quality oil products and world-renowned technology deployment. In addition, the company is making two natural gas refining and power generating new business development, future development prospects are very good.

Lubricants business

Flashare Oil Investment Company Flashare (FLASHARE) lubricants completely three hydrogenation process for the production of lubricant base oil preparation, their product quality and performance in the world are at the leading level. (Note: The company's three priorities to meet hydrogenation base oil lubricants supply sector)