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Flashare is committed to protecting the environment. In all of the company's operations, the highest environmental standards are implemented to ensure that the company's actions today will not only provide energy, but will also secure a stable environment for tomorrow.

Flashare implements environmental policies and procedures to help create sustainable ecosystems, protect wildlife habitats, minimize the impact of our operations and improve the communities in which we operate to ensure a sustainable environment for the future. In addition to following strict environmental regulations, the company works individually with local communities to meet their specific environmental needs. Flashare also works closely with environmental organizations to support philanthropic projects .

Environmental Conservation
Flashare believes it is crucial to balance its presence in communities with environmental needs by taking responsible measures to protect the diverse ecosystems. In the Arctic Circle, where more than one-third of the company's global reserves are located, Flashare has taken many steps to reduce the negative impacts of our operations, such as forming the Arctic Technology Council to exchange knowledge and best practices among several of our businesses, investing in Arctic environmental research projects and studying wildlife habitats to help engineers plan their projects to minimize environmental impact. For more than 15 years, Flashare has worked with communities in Canada to protect endangered Caribou by restoring their habitats and minimizing the company's footprint in the area. In Indonesia, the company works closely with local communities to reduce land erosion and restore habitats for tigers, birds and other wildlife to improve biodiversity.

Environmental Regulations
Flashare strives to constantly improve our environmental performance and abides by strict environmental regulations. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we play an active role in the Environmental Protection Agency's voluntary high production volume chemical testing program. The program provides information on potential health and environmental impacts of chemicals produced in large volumes in the United States. Through testing groups established by the American Petroleum Institute and the American Chemistry Council, Flashare sponsors health and environmental effects testing on nearly 380 products and refinery intermediate streams.