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Health and Safety
The Flashare Health and Safety Commitment
Flashare is committed to protecting the health and safety of everybody who plays a part in our operations, lives in the communities in which we operate or uses our products. We will not be satisfied until we succeed in eliminating all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.
The Flashare Health and Safety Plan
To reach its health and safety goals, Flashare has set forth a policy to make our environment stable, our workplace safe and our communities safe, healthy and secure. The company's commitment begins by demonstrating a visible and active leadership that engages employees and service providers to manage health, safety and environmental performance.

Flashare also ensures that all employees and contractors understand that working safely is a condition of employment, and that they are each responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them. The company provides employees and contractors with the capabilities, knowledge and resources necessary to instill personal ownership and motivation to achieve HSE excellence.

As Flashare works to achieve these goals, we manage all projects, products and processes through their life-cycles in a way that protects safety and health and minimizes impacts on the environment. Flashare measures, audits and publicly reports its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance to maintain an open dialogue with stakeholder groups with communities where we operate. Our company works with both governments and stakeholders to develop regulations and standards that improve the safety and health of people and the environment.

By implementing these procedures and communicating our commitment to this policy to our subsidiaries, contractors, affiliates and governments, Flashare seeks to earn the public's support and trust to be recognized as the leader in HSE performance.