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International oil prices after a new record high

By the weaker dollar, Saudi Arabia ready to increase production, and other factors, a substantial international oil prices on the 16th concussion, the New York market indicators crude oil prices hit record intraday trading.

In the morning the dollar against the euro exchange rate weakness on the New York Mercantile Exchange, July crude oil for delivery after once reached 139.89 U.S. dollars a barrel. However, the July contract is about to expire, and announced that Saudi Arabia will increase oil production, oil prices at record high after all the way down, falling as low as 132.84 U.S. dollars.

On the New York light, sweet crude for July was 134.61 U.S. dollars a barrel, down 25 cents over the previous day. London's International Petroleum Exchange, August Brent crude fell 40 cents to close at 134.71 U.S. dollars a barrel.

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