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SINOPEC Lubricants export growth

Lubricants business overseas subsidiaries active in market development, sales network construction, brand promotion, personnel building and intensify our work. 1-3Ô·İ, SINOPEC Lubricants exports continue to maintain a good momentum of growth, high-grade oil sales grew 113 percent.
Key markets, and key inputs. Lubricants branch in the Asia-Pacific region continues to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Australia, Russia and the focus on target markets and increase its resources into key markets. Actively establish special products and regional markets Acting Deputy combination of market network system. On the grease, transformer oil products distribution system for the implementation of special products. Availability good service, industry recognition, technical support and other aspects of work, as soon as possible to help dealers to open markets and achieving SINOPEC Lubricants sales increase.

Step up publicity to expand the market. Lubricating oil to market through a branch conference, brand promotion, and participation in the form of domestic and international professional exhibition, to strengthen the SINOPEC lubricants overseas publicity. Select key target markets overseas newspapers, television and other media ads, selected to participate in some of the local automobile culture and sports activities, to constantly increase the overseas SINOPEC Lubricants consumer awareness and understanding.
Focus on personnel training, promoting products into the local community. On the overseas business development, lubricants branch in a targeted manner develop training plans and programmes, actively training familiar with international practice, know the rules for international projects and enterprises with the market realities of the international personnel. Started to recruit foreign workers, employees of foreign language proficiency to play, familiar with local customs and laws and regulations, and other advantages, enhance market development capability.

Hand in hand "Made in China" to create "Chinese brands." Lubricants branch offices and well-known Chinese Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Company to establish a solid strategic relations of cooperation, SINOPEC lubricants as many of China's exports of machinery supporting oil. On the offshore exploration and development of the China Petrochemical and China's overseas project contracting projects, the corresponding supporting oil work. Fully seized with the various related industries exchanges, and cooperation opportunities, and jointly promote the development of market structures and international marketing network.

Recently, in response to the appreciation of the renminbi on the impact of export business, lubricants branch offices outside the commission and give full play to the role and processing base advantage, more in the Singapore production overseas sales of products, not only to shorten lead times and reduce the operational risks, SINOPEC more enhanced lubricating oil market in the Asia-Pacific region's influence.
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