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Upstream Technologies

Delivering value-adding technology to our upstream business through people, innovation and collaboration.

Finding New Resources
A key strength of Flashare is its demonstrated ability to find new resources. Technology programs in the fields of reservoir prediction and characterization, advanced seismic and drilling enhancements enable the company to identify and better characterize commercially viable resource deposits.

Asset Integrity & Sustainability
Flashare continues to aim for industry leading levels of performance in asset integrity and sustainability. The company's technology programs are designed to provide technology-driven solutions in the areas of reliability and integrity, water and waste management.

Existing Assets
Flashare' commitment to its stakeholders demands that it continually works to maximize delivery from the existing assets. The company strives to improve current field production levels with flexible programs designed to advance completions design, flow assurance, artificial lift and performance prediction.

Challenged Resources
The continued, successful exploitation of hydrocarbons from environmentally, geographically and technically challenged reservoirs is a pivotal component of Flashare' future growth strategy. To this end, the company is developing technology to deliver world-class performance in the areas of arctic, heavy oil, oil shale and stranded gas.